In our store you can also buy very practical sleeping bags for children made of skin and sheep fleece. Sleeping bags for children are available in many different colours and forms. From delicate and tied to very solid and with zip fasteners.

Sleeping bags made of sheepskins are hypo-allergenic and the natural material is good for the youngest clients' health. The sleeping bags adjust perfectly to prams making a soft, nice and very warm ground. When unfolded, they can be put into a pushchair as a form of a soft and comfortable backrest.

You can adjust the length of the sleeping bags with zip fasteners. They are also resistant to moisture. The bags have many applications, they fit into cradles, prams, slings and high chairs. We dye the fleece to different colours. Thanks to that they can be matched up to every kind of a pram and the final result is really beautiful!

  • High quality
  • Unique patterns

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